Independent Inspectors of Election

First, as you will see from the bios that follow, our Inspectors really know what they are doing. In fact, at many meetings they go to, they have been to many more meetings, and know more about Shareholder Meetings than anyone else in the room… which is nice insurance to have.
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Why Use An Independent Inspector of Election?

  • If you think you may have matters on your shareholder meeting ballot where the outcomes could turn out to be close or contentious.
  • If investors are voting on one or more “material items” – like a merger, recapitalization or a bylaw change that requires shareholder approval.
  • If you simply want to follow “best practices” when it comes to ‘inspecting the election’ and certifying the final results.
  • If you want to be sure that any firm or individual inspector that you and your board appoint has rigorous procedures in place – and actually follows them – and that the inspector(s) can stand up and be effectively counted themselves if challenged.